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The Fire Data Lab is a non-profit organization dedicated to accelerating the use of data-driven decision making in the fire service.  The Fire Data Lab was created by a partnership between the Western Fire Chiefs Association(WFCA), multiple Public Safety Organizations (PSOs), and Intterra. This partnership has created a common data warehouse that provides immediate benefits to partner PSOs, in exchange for access to their performance data. Data comes directly from the systems of partner PSOs after being anonymized for privacy and enhanced for data analytics.  Partner PSOs are also collaborating with each other in a series of workshops and visioning summits that are focused on identifying and overcoming data challenges.


The objectives of the Fire Data Lab are to:

  • Provide near real-time analytic tools to 26 PSOs
  • Create a “live” dynamic master data set
  • Provide data tools and frameworks to PSOs, industry, and academia
  • Create a community of mentor departments that can support others looking to expand their data and analytics capabilities.

For more information on Intterra

For more Information on WFCA

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