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Call for Applications

GRANT & PARTNERSHIP ANNOUNCEMENT The Western Fire Chiefs Association is proud to announce their partnership with Intterra and their combined efforts in developing the Data Comparison Center (DCC). WFCA was recently awarded a grant to accelerate the creation of the DCC.…

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WFCA Presidents’ Forum

Western Fire Chiefs Association hosts an annual Presidents’ Forum that brings together their Board of Directors, representatives of each state association, and national leaders in the fire service. The Forum provides an opportunity to network, share ideas, and discuss emerging…

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NIST Grant and Stakeholder Meeting

Western Fire Chiefs Association, in partnership with Intterra, applied and were subsequently awarded a grant from the National Institute of Standards and Technology under the PSCR division. The official grant award announcement was released in June 2017, and WFCA and Intterra traveled to…

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Visioning Summit

The Visioning Summit brought together 13 Fire Chiefs from throughout the West for the purpose of discussion, collaboration, and relationship building. The summit gave the Chiefs the opportunity to openly discuss issues facing their departments and was focused on sharing…

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