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Southern Platte Fire Protection District

Southern Platte FPD receives grant to explore real-time fire data analytics

The Southern Platte Fire Protection District recently received a grant from the Fire Data Lab that provides a software platform from Intterra Group. In addition to the software grant, Fire Data Lab has also partnered with Southern Platte to explore new uses for real-time fire data analytics. With this partnership, Southern Platte is taking an ongoing role in developing these new tools for the fire service industry.

Southern Platte is one of only 26 departments across the nation to receive this grant, worth $60,000. The grant realizes that this generation of Fire Chiefs will lead the way in deciding how data is collected and utilized in the fire service. The goal is to collaborate with other fire departments in a series of workshops and visioning summits that are focused on identifying and overcoming data challenges.

According to Division Chief Chris Denney, data will be the driving force when it comes to decisions like staffing, station placement, and where to place apparatus in the future, and other important decisions that affect citizens. With an ever-changing technical landscape across industries, keeping up with the latest tools can be a challenge.

“Truly having a solution that is looking at data in real-time providing real-time statistics and taking advantage of the technology for what it is truly designed for. What specifically am I looking for? Really looking at our data in a deep-dive to see truly what the stats look like – not from a report perspective, but at a real-time perspective. How are we on meeting our “roll-out” goals of getting out of the fire station, along with our response goals to the citizen’s needs,” says Chief Chris Denney.

Fire Data Lab, located in Wilsonville, OR is a partnership with the Western Fire Chiefs Association and Intterra. The Fire Data Lab will leverage Intterra’s existing data analysis and visualization software (SituationAnalyst) to integrate data from multiple department’s systems and assemble them into a single warehouse for enhanced data analytics.

Intterra Group, located in Castle Rock, CO are the creators of Situation Analyst (SA), a subscription- based system, which links your CAD, RMS, AVL, and Mapping and allows you to access them all in one location. It analyzes your progress, connects all your operations, and makes situational awareness and planning easy. Intterra allows you to easily access all this information on your computer, smart phone, or other devices.

Southern Platte Fire Protection District’s four stations provide fire suppression, inspections, emergency medical assistance, hazardous-materials response, and public education for more than 38,000 citizens in Platte County, MO. The Southern Platte Fire Protection District, which includes Parkville, Weatherby Lake, and Farley, is one of the fastest-growing areas in the Kansas City metropolitan area. In addition to serving its own District, the department provides automatic-aid assistance to the Kansas City Fire Department and Riverside Public Safety.


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